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Installation Guide

Watch our simple time-lapse installation video below to see just how easy it is to install and enjoy your new closet!

Installation Steps

How to Measure Your Closet Space before You Order

It is vitally important that you provide us with accurate measurements of your closet space along with your order to ensure proper fit as each closet we make is custom manufactured for that specific area of your home.

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The three measurements that we need are width, depth, and height:

Width: Width is the most critical of these three measurements. The width is the inside length of the back wall of your closet from the left wall to the right wall. This measurement should be taken about six feet up and should be measured from the actual side walls, beneath any existing shelves or support. Chose a point in the center of the back wall and make a mark. Measure the back wall from the left wall to your mark. Take note of the measurement. Then measure from the right wall to your mark. Add the two measurements together to find the width of your closet. Then to double check for accuracy, measure from the far left wall to the far right wall and see if the two measurements match up.


*It may be necessary to remove some or all items from your closet to be able to obtain an accurate measurement.

**We will manufacture your closet 3/8ā€¯smaller to ensure proper fit.

Depth: This is the distance from the back wall to the return wall (or the supporting wall of your closet where the entrance is). This measurement should be taken from the inside of your closet.

Height: Simply measure the height of your closet from the floor to the ceiling. This measurement can be rounded to the nearest inch.